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Speech of Respected Head of the Biomedical Engineering Department

In a world where science and technology are mixed with human life, the Department of Biomedical Engineering arises as a cornerstone in developing and improving the quality of health care. It is a department that combines the understanding of medical science and engineering that aims to design and develop medical technologies and devices that contribute to diagnosing and treating diseases and improving the quality of life.

Department establishment

 This Department was created in the College of Engineering at Al-Ayen Iraqi University solely for morning shift, which accepts graduates of the high school for the branches (biological, applied, scientific) as well as graduates of the industrial high school for the branch (medical devices( . The acceptance rate for the branches (biological, applied, scientific) will be 71.5. whereas for graduates of Industry High School (Medical Devices) branch is 74.5

Department Vision

The Department strives to be a pioneer in Biological Engineering field, and to be a renowned reference locally and regionally in rehabilitating and developing the competent engineers in designing and developing the biomedical technologies

Department Mission

The mission of the Department is symbolized in providing a distinguished and inspired education environment aims to improve the students engineering capabilities and skills in Biomedical field. We are committed to provide specialized and comprehensive education that enables the graduates to design and improve the technologies and the invented bio-devices that contribute in improving health care of patients and enhancing the life quality

Department Objectives

  • Qualifying students: We aim to qualify students in terms of knowledge and technical skills necessary to develop and design life technologies and devices, including medical devices, assistive medical instruments and biotechnology.
  • Research and innovation: We seek to enhance research and innovation in the field of Bioengineering, and encourage students and faculty to conduct advanced research that contribute to solving health challenges and developing innovative biotechnologies.
  • Cooperation and communication: We aim to enhance cooperation and communication with health, industrial and research institutions to exchange knowledge and experiences, and develop strategic partnerships that contribute to achieving development and progress in the field of bioengineering.
  • Pioneership and excellence: We are very much concerned to develop students to be leaders and pioneers in the field of bioengineering, and to provide them with leadership skills and the ability to think creatively to solve complex problems in the field of bio-medicine.
  • Community service: We seek to strengthen community service through bioengineering applications and solutions that meet the needs of society and contribute to improving the health and well-being of individuals.

Benefits of the Department

  •  Meeting market needs: The Biomedical Engineering Department can contribute to meeting the needs of the local and regional labor market. Hospitals, medical facilities, and medical device companies may need engineers specialized in developing and maintaining medical technologies and life devices. With the department's presence in the governorate, local staff can be trained and qualified to meet these needs and provide specialized local services.

  •  Technological development: The presence of the Department of Biomedical Engineering can encourage technological development in the province. Students and faculty members can conduct research and studies on modern and innovative technologies in the field of bioengineering, which can contribute to the development of innovative solutions and technologies that enhance health care and improve the quality of life.

  •  Health Sustainability: This Department can play an important role in promoting health sustainability in the province.  Biotechnologies and innovative medical devices can contribute to improving the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and enhancing the health of individuals.  With a specialized department in this field, it is possible to develop and implement projects and programs aimed at achieving health sustainability and improving health care in general.

  •  Promoting education and scientific research: This Department is considered an opportunity to enhance higher education and scientific research in the Province. The presence of the department provides the opportunity for local students to study in this field without having to travel to other cities.  Faculty members can also organize research and research projects that enhance knowledge and innovation in the field of life engineering.
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