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Speech of Respected Head of Artificial Intelligence Department

This department if part of Engineering that focuses on developing and applying techniques and systems that enable the smart systems to interact and learn from the data to make decisions accordingly. It contains several fields and aspects, such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, Deep machine learning, artificial neural networks, robotics, artificial intelligence guidance systems, and pattern recognition .

The students of Artificial Intelligence Engineering learn how to develop the software and systems that use the auto learning and analyze the data to solve various problems. Those students work on developing applications and systems used in various group of fields such as health care, smart vehicles, funding, marketing, security, and many other applications. This department greatly rely upon mathematics and programming, and requires deep understanding for the theoretical, and practical applications of artificial intelligence foundation

 It is the home of the mind and creativity, an essential source of modern science and technology. It combines mathematical sciences, programming, and advanced technologies, to create a generation of creative and distinguished engineers in the field of artificial intelligence.

Establishment of the Department

The College of Artificial Intelligence Engineering was established in Al-Ayen Iraqi University (AUIQ) solely for morning shift, and accepts graduates of high school branches (biological, applied, scientific, and industrial). The college acceptance rate for graduates will be 61.5.

Vision of the department

This Department is an important part of the specialties concerned about developing technologies and systems that enable systems and devices to learn and make decisions based on data and information. Here are some important things you may expect when studying AI engineering:

1- Machine Learning: You will learn how to develop models and systems based on machine learning. You will learn about machine learning algorithms and how to train models on datasets.

2- Natural Language Processing: You will gain knowledge on how to analyze and understand human language through computers. You will develop applications that use these technologies in fields such as search engines and word processing.

 3- Computer Vision: You will study how systems are enabled to understand and process images and video. You will learn how to apply these techniques in fields such as object recognition and medical imaging.

4- Deep Machine Learning: You will be deeply introduced into machine learning and study deep neural networks to improve the performance of machine learning models in various applications.

5- Robotics: You will learn about the design and development of robots and how to make them capable of interacting with the environment and making smart decisions.

6. Multiple applications: You will apply what you have learned in a variety of fields including healthcare, smart vehicles, funding, marketing, security, and many other applications.

Department message

 We seek to develop and provide research and education in the field of artificial intelligence. This department aims to achieve the following goals:

1- Academic Excellence: We strive to provide high quality graduate programs and educational materials in the fields of artificial intelligence. We aim to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and apply advanced technologies in this field.

2- Research and innovation: We support students and members research in various fields of artificial intelligence, and encourage creative thinking and innovation in multiple applications. This is to develop new and innovative solutions that contribute to the advancing the society and industry.

3- Collaboration and Partnerships: We seek to build partnerships with industry and academic institutions to exchange knowledge and develop joint projects. We aim to provide the necessary support for students and researchers to achieve professional and academic successes.

4- Applications of artificial intelligence: We seek to develop practical applications of artificial intelligence in various fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, finance, education, security, and many other applications.

 We are proud of our academic community and strive to provide education and research in the field of artificial intelligence of the highest quality.  We invite students and researchers from various backgrounds to join this Department and contribute to the development of this exciting field.

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