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The College of Petroleum Engineering / Al-Ayen private University was created to enroll a large number of qualified professors specialized in oil, drilling, wells and petrochemical engineering sciences, in cooperation with the University of Baghdad / College of Engineering for the purposes of scientific twinning, syllabus and educational laboratories.  Despite the short period of establishment, our college was able to attract a large number of our dear students from inside and outside the governorate to register and study in it, and it was able to build bridges of scientific cooperation theoretically and practically with the relevant authorities in the education, oil, industry and environment fields inside and outside Dhi Qar governorate, and dedicated to achieve what it aspires to in terms of the elements of scientific progress with practical steps in its urban and administrative expansion and to provide the needed laboratories, devices and modern and advanced equipment to create a practical scientific environment that is compatible with the oil engineers field atmosphere in addition to supporting researchers from professors and students so as to contribute to its development.


Establishment of the college

The College of Petroleum Engineering at Al-Ayen University was established in the academic year 2017-2018, starting with one scientific department which was the Department of Petroleum Engineering, with a well-studied scientific plan to develop other engineering departments soon, to be in harmony with the labor market needs, scientific data, and the outputs of local preparatory studies

       College vision

 Our college has followed a clear path to be a multidisciplinary engineering college to include other new departments that are in harmony with the needs of the local market and the aspirations of our high school graduates students and to be a distinguished scientific edifice by creating an academic environment stimulating learning, research and creativity to keep pace with advanced international universities and to be at the forefront of engineering colleges for Iraqi governmental and private universities, concentrating on encouraging students to excel, sponsoring them scientifically and educationally, and raising the level of quality and scientific sobriety, so that students can obtain the highest levels and new knowledge.  Based on that, our college seeks to be one of the distinguished colleges in engineering sciences at the local and international levels, to compete professionally with its counterparts locally, regionally and globally, to be a destination for students and to have clear contributions in the field of scientific research.

Mission of the College

The educational mission of the college is as follows

  1- Providing the student with a scientific experience that enriches his / her skills so that they can shine in their scientific life and higher studies

  2- Providing programs and study materials, including graduation projects that develop skills in order for the student to excel in the fields of petroleum engineering, document work ethics and the spirit of cooperation, and employ technology to serve all of this.

 3- The college's continuous participation in internal and external evaluation processes to ensure quality.

  4- Providing a pioneering environment to develop the expertise of the engineering and administrative staff

  5- Preserving the vitality of the college and its productions by increasing the number of distinguished students and providing an effective academic climate.

  6- Graduating engineers with comprehensive knowledge of the basics of petroleum engineering

  7- Carrying out researches to solve problems in the oil industries through participation with various oil companies

Aims of the College

The College of Petroleum Engineering aims to prepare students to solve problems in a scientific, ethical and economic manner through:

  • Teaching them the basics of mathematics, engineering sciences and engineering techniques, in addition to their precise specialization in the field of oil technology
  •  Helping them to develop relevant skills in the design process that include creative thinking, information analysis, and teamwork.

  • Helping them to understand their professional and ethical responsibilities
  •  Encouraging students to do scientific research

 contact information

 Email: eng@eng.alayen.edu.iq

 Phone number: +964 7800060302

Students evaluation referendum for the teaching staff for the year 2021-2022
Students evaluation referendum for the teaching staff for the year 2021-2022
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