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Speech of the Dean

The College of Oil Engineering at Al-Ayen Private University was established in 2017-2018 academic year. i.e it's at its fifth year now. Despite its short lifespan, it was able to attract many competent professors which made it optimistic for prosperous future, and to achieve advanced progress through practical steps in the architectural and administrative expansion and providing the required laboratories and advanced new equipment and devices. This is to create the industrial environments for the students as oil engineers, and to provide opportunities for the researchers among  professors and students which contribute towards the movement of scientific research to be smooth and free  

Therefore we witness new inventions every day at the college, and we look forward wisely. This made us feel after our faith in God The Almighty, confident in our abilities as well as the Iraqis capabilities at the field of oil engineering with oil companies. This is witnessed by holding seminars, specialized engineering workshops, providing opportunities of periodic site visits for students and continuous training at their specialties. Base on that, our college endeavors  to be one of the distinguished colleges locally and globally, and to compete honestly with its peers in the developed countries. And to contribute towards the scientific research field to serve the community

Finally I pray to God The Almighty to grant our students success and for our college continuous progress and prosperous   

Dean of The College

Dr. Najeh Al-Ali

About the college

It is one of the five colleges forming Al-Ayen Private University in Thi-Qar Province. It was established in the year 2017/2018 meaning that we are having four stages now, and our first group of Oil Engineers will graduate this year. By the grace of the Almighty Lord and the support of the investor we were able to purchase integrated laboratories for the college. We also have a specialized and experienced staff in the field of teaching and scientific research. All that helps graduating competent students in their field of specialization.



Vision of the College 

The College is ambitious to graduate competent oil engineers in consistence with the latest international standards, in order to execute various engineering projects needed by the country. That can be achieved by providing  qualified educational and engineering environment to construct and serve the country

Mission of the College 

The educational mission of the college represented as follow:

Provide the students with an experience that enrich their skills to be distinguished in their scientific career and post graduate studies.

Provide programs and academic syllabuses including the graduation projects that promote the skills in order for the students to excel in the fields of oil engineering besides affirming work ethic and spirit of cooperation and utilize the technology to achieve all of that.

The college is continuing its participation in the external and internal evaluation process of quality control

Provide perfect environment to improve the skills of the teaching staff and the administration personals

Restrain the activeness of the college and its production via increasing the number of distinguished students and prepare academic active atmosphere

Graduate competent engineers with full knowledge of the fundamental principles of oil engineering 

Undertakes researches to solve problems in the oil industry via sharing with various oil companies.

Objectives of the College

Prepare the students to solve problems scientifically, ethically and economically by:

Teaching them the basics mathematics, engineering sciences and computer's technology besides the specific specialty in the oil technology

Helping them to develop their skills relevant to the design process that includes creative thinking, information analysis, and teamwork.

Helping them understand their professional and ethical responsibilities.

Encouraging them to do scientific research

Contact information:

E mail: eng.pharm@alayen.edu.iq

Mobile: +9647800060302

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Students evaluation referendum for the teaching staff for the year 2021-2022
Students evaluation referendum for the teaching staff for the year 2021-2022
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